Pre-Ordering (must login using SD71 credentials ie learn71 email) for the upcoming week opens at 3:00 pm, on Fridays and closes on Sundays at 9:00 pm. Click the link below for the order form which will be available to make pre-orders on Friday. Payment options are: debit, caf card, or cash. Please note the cash machine is now operational. 


Pre-Order lunch for next week here: You must login with SD71 credentials ie learn71 email.





Cafeteria service is available from 11:35 to 12:05 on a sequenced basis. All food items are pre-ordered and paid for at pick up. Students may be required to show their order receipt prior to leaving class and again before collecting their order. All meals are $6 including a dessert and drink. No substitutions or meal only options. Vegetarian options are available by request - Veggie Burger combo.  There is no drop-in service at the cafeteria due to COVID 19 protocols. Meals are paid for at the time of pickup in cash, contactless interact, or Caf card. Cards good for 6 lunches can be purchased through the office for only $33.00.  You must log-in with your school credentials to pre-order.  You will receive an e-mail receipt at your SD71 account.  Be sure to select the send me an email receipt button at the bottom of the form. This receipt is required at multiple points to get your lunch.   * availability of items may vary without notice.